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A small container with 3 partitions for baby food. 

  •  Frozen it --> Thaw it--> Serve it in ONE container. 
  •  The lid is partitioned and does not mix. 
  •  With a handle that is easy to hold. 
  •  Microwave OK. Please remove the lid
  •  Freezing OK.

● The food can be scoop easily at the edge of the plate due to the special curve design.

● The plate rubber material prevents the plate to slip easily.

● Detachable parts "Funbaru" at the side prevent the plate to overturn easily.

● The angle of "Funbaru" can be adjusted to your needs.

● Suitable for porridge, soup and side dishes. Cleaning methods

● Dishwasher

● Microwave disinfection

● Boiling disinfectionAge recommendation: 5 months and above Materials:Body: Polypropylene, Thermoplastic elastomerLeg: PolypropyleneHeat

Resistant: 120 degrees C

Made in Korea, imported from JAPAN.


[Disinfection method]

  • -Microwave
  • -Dishwasher
  • -Boiling disinfection
  • -Chemical disinfection
  •  Cute cartoon design
  •  convenient
  • easy to use
  • Baby learn happily, easy to master the technique to hold the tableware
  • [Disinfection method]
  •   X boiling
  •   X microwave disinfection  
  •   X chemical disinfection


  • [Material]
  • Handle : Polypropylene
  •  Body    : PBT 
  •  [Target age] : About 6 months +

[Disinfection method]

Microwave disinfection

Boiling disinfection

Chemical disinfection


[Disinfection method]

X microwave disinfection

X chemical disinfection

[Heatproof temperature]
Body: 140 ° C


[Disinfection method]

〇 dishwasher
x microwave disinfection

〇 boil
x chemical disinfection

[Heatproof temperature]
Body: 140 ° C
Case 120 ° C

  • Cute cartoon design
  • convenient
  •  easy to use
  •  Baby learn happily, easy to master the technique to hold the tableware
  • Tableware set supports baby from weaning period to using chopsticks
  • Consists of EDISONmama's best selling tableware products
  • Perfect gift for baby shower and birthday regardless of gende

[Disinfection method]

  •   Boiling
  •    Microwave disinfection
  •    Chemical disinfection
  •    Dishwasher dryer